[Winner] Chungnam Art Museum

DAgroup Wins Competition to Design the Chungnam Art Museum in South Korea.
2021년 July 26일/by 정미 안

[Winner] Daejeon Dunsan LE PIED Officetel Development Project

Our business’s main purpose is constructing the most finest residece of its name ‘LE PIED’ by designing optimum plan, consider with Dunsan-dong, Seo-gu, Daejeon’s regional characteristic.
2021년 June 11일/by 주식 김

[Winner] Guro Station Knowledge Industrial Center development work

“GRAND FOREST” Future of office space, ready for tomorrow
2021년 June 10일/by 주식 김

[Winner] Gwacheon Knowledge Information Town Knowledge-based Industrial Site Knowledge 2-1 Development Project

Think tank representing Gwacheon Knowledge Information Town, the center of industry, academia, and research convergence that will lead the fourth industry
2021년 June 9일/by 주식 김

[Winner] Site Development Project of Yoido Eusu Holdings Building

Securing floor area ratio and maximum height, and maximizing the value of land through new land use plans. Maximize the value of goods through market analysis and development strategies specialized in living accommodation. Overcoming commercial facility risks with differentiation and activation concentration factors.
2021년 June 8일/by 주식 김

[Winner] 2020 BIM Awards Grand Prize Winner

MOLIT(Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport) and the LH(Korea Land & Housing Corporation) held the award ceremony on December 23 with the opening of the 'BIM Support Center for Apartment Housing' to support the digitalization of the architecture industry.
2020년 June 1일/by 민정 김

[Winner] Awarded the Korea Job World Proficiency Experience Center for Design Achievement

On November 11, the opening ceremony of the 'Skilled Technology Experience Center' was held.
2020년 June 1일/by 민정 김

[Winner] New Residential Complex Construction for Beomo-dong 1, Daegu

Located in the center of the central commerce, the Beomo 1st Street located in the north and south border of Suseong-gu and Dong-gu in Daegu has high income and academic level, so the expected demand for high-end housing is high; on the other hand, the potential value of commercial facilities is abundant because of the lack of trendy complex commercial facilities.
2019년 November 12일/by 민정 김