[Winner] Dongjak Comprehensive Administrative Town (Complex Government Complex) Building Design Competition

<Architecture Overview>

Location: Whole area of 176-3, Sangdo-dong, Dongjak-gu, Seoul
Client: Dongjak-gu Office, Seoul
Site Area(㎡): 14,046.00
Total Floor Area(㎡): 49,199.18
Purpose: Public Work Facility, Neighborhood Living Facility, Facilities for the Elderly, Cultural and Assembly


[ Agora of Commons. ]

This is a simple building that has been shaped by embracing the diversity of cities and compressing everyday life, away from the strict and stereotyped authoritarianism of existing public buildings.

It projects the context, so that the divided buildings cluster with small yards, creating a familiar place for local residents, and gains identity as Dongjak-gu’s general administrative town.

It wanted to harmonize with the surrounding area and communicate with the administration and citizens and to create a central space in an area activated based on various programs.

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