[Award] Sejong 1-1 Zone L1BL <23rd Good Apartment Overall Grand Prize(President’s Award)>


Sejong City 1-1 Zone L1BL (Goun-dong Sejong Paragon), designed by its headquarters, won the “Livable Apartment” grand prize (Presidential Award) for Maeil Business, which boasts the nation’s highest authority in the residential sector.

This is all the more meaningful because it is the first complex in 10 years since the housing supply began in Sejong Multi-functional Administrative City.

With up to 18 stories and 19 buildings (998 households), this is the largest single complex in the 1-1 Living Space, and its most significant feature is the combination of terraced townhouse and penthouse in the lower, middle, and high-rise areas, respectively, instead of artificially adjusting short distances to preserve the natural terrain surrounding three sides.

Functionally, it combines the comfort of a detached house with the convenience of an apartment, and has become a local landmark with a luxurious design unique to the ‘Paragon.’

Also, by deploying European-style gardens and central squares, it has created a high-end apartment image that is distinct from ordinary apartment complexes.


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