[Sandwich Seminar] a technical seminar on building materials and materials

The Sandwich Seminar on May 22 was held as a technical seminar on building materials and materials such as soil construction, rainwater penetration and low flow facilities, hotwell, elevators, etc.

The first lecture was based on the case and necessity of soil architecture, soil building products, and rain-penetrating low current blocks in Claymax, which has high-strength soil concrete technology on the Soil Uniqueness Reaction Inducing Mechanism.

Historically, cultural heritages like Great Wall, Alhambra Palace, and Pyramids are all built of soil, proving that they can be built with soil. The characteristics of soil buildings that become as strong as concrete minimize carbon dioxide, VOX, and NOX, and minimize energy use, and prevent medium-high-speed pollution, water quality, soil pollution, and so on, it is a good way to deal with climate change.

The second lecture was on “Plastic Hotwell and Steel Elevator Underground Pit Structure” by Wookwang T&C.

‘Hotwell’ refers to a container installed at the bottom of the building for drainage at a location lower than public sewage in a basement. When water exceeds the proper water level in Hotwell, pumps are operated to reduce buoyancy or positive pressure by pumping water out of the building, and the building becomes stable to prevent buildings from floating or cracking.

In addition, it was a useful time to look at the characteristics and construction of the steel elevator underground pit structure.

We’d like to thank CEO Jung Man Cha and Hee Yong Choi of Claymax, and Executive Director In Soo Jung of Wookwang T&C.


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