[Winner] Anseong Baudeogi Complex Resting Facility Development Private Capital Investment

<Architecture Overview>

Location – All areas of Bongsan-ri, Sameun-ri, Gosam-myeon, Anseong, Gyeonggido
Client – Korea Expressway Corporation
Site Area – 186,000.00 ㎡
Total Floor Area – 21,397.26 ㎡
Size – 3 ground floors / 1 basement
Purpose – Tourism Resting Facility (Service Area), Hazardous object storage and disposal facility (oil station)

The Sejong-Pocheon Expressway will be a key route used by government officials and businessmen in the Seoul metropolitan area and the Sejong Government Complex. The target area and floor area of the project is the largest in Korea and is 3-5 times larger than other service areas, and has abundant location environment such as the Gosam Lake and the tourist complex in the northwest.


A futuristic service area leading to the evolution of high-tech highway and presenting new rest and value

Tomorrow PRISM


  1. GREEN PRISM. A clean indoor service area breathing with nature 365 days

– Use of amenable facilities made possible for all seasons without influence of climate environment

– Maximizing the convenience of using the shortest lines and facilities inside the integrated hall

– Maximizing the indoor view of the Gosam Lake


  1. BLUE PRISM. Advanced Service Area by Digital Smart

– Customized service provided by utilizing customer data

– One-stop mobile service maximizes service integration and customer convenience


  1. RED PRISM. A shared platform-type service area with travelers, Anseong citizens and employees

– Smart Biz platform such as shared office, multi-purpose conference room, and business dining.

– Experience Programs with stories of local, customer, and future




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