[Education] Sandwich Seminar


This is a sandwich seminar hosted by Vice President Hyung Joon Shim of the Design Group at the headquarters.

It was a welcome seminar on design, attended by many people with no empty seats.

At the seminar, we looked at third-party projects and DA Group’s projects that did not win, and looked back on what was different, what was missing, what we needed to complement, where we needed to go.

Today’s architects need not only design, but also provide comprehensive services in doing business. Instead of designing based on the client’s thoughts, you have to present and solve what’s the best business for them. Because there are lots of buildings that are recycled in the city center and these are complex buildings (commercial sites), we need analytical and planning abilities to organize and guide complex architecturalist ideas.

This was a time to reflect on the role of architects in approach to architectural design.



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