[Winner] Public Knowledge Industry Center and Construction Dojeon-sook Complex Development Project

<Architecture Overview>

Location – Within Magok City Development Site, Gangseo-gu, Seoul (D15,Ds13)
Client – SH Co., Ltd.
Site Area – D15 9,317.00㎡ / Ds13 3,632㎡
Total Floor Area – D15 48,033.92㎡ / Ds13 19,973.25㎡
No. of Households – Dojeon-sook: 227 households
Purpose – Knowledge Industrial Center, Apartment Housing, Dormitory


A terminal of relationships that changes the work, lifestyle, and even thoughts

■ Relational Knowledge Industry Center & Knowledge Transformation Terminal

The Relational Knowledge Industry Center is an open field where knowledge of various channels is easily accessed and new production is derived through exchange.

Our Knowledge Industry Center is a wide range of exchange terminals that transform knowledge into industry through various relationships, just as terminals are activated through access to different routes in the city.

■ Spatial structure of opening and fusion

The ground surrounding the 300m officetel barrier was opened by mass division, and the low-rise connected to the green axis was constructed as an open-platform structure to create a convergence space for cities, people, and knowledge.

■ A platform for open citizens and linked with parks

In conjunction with the green axis of Magok, mass was minimized in the lower floors and base facilities(Maker Space, Startup Showroom, Kitchen Library, Challenge Pop-up, etc.) with public functions installed to make up the space for local residents. Also, the central Green Valley slope is a pedestrian walkway from the green axis to the first and second floors, creating an organic walking environment for a variety of people to encounter.

■ A platform of sharing

Work-focused spaces and shared spaces of companies of various sizes are deployed to promote exchanges between companies, and various cooperative hubs were planned to be selected to create a separate or growing space for the accelerator based on their business practices.

■ Platform for growth

It categorizes and zones companies according to size and industry types, and distributes the size, characteristics, and forms of shared space according to the way they work.

Users can choose their own route depending on the nature of their work, from low to high floors.

■ Platform for production and consumption(Maker Space, Larchiveum)

It is a space that links the entire process of industry from Maker Space for production to exhibition promotion, which is a core platform that combines various layers, spaces, and programs into one to form a cycle system of production and consumption.


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