[Winner] New Residential Complex Construction for Beomo-dong 1, Daegu


<Architecture Overview>

Location – 1, Beomo-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu
Client – Daegu MBC site complex development PFV
Site Area – 18,859.80㎡
Total Floor Area – 205,543.89㎡
No. of Households – 653 Apartment Housings, 154 officetel rooms
Purpose – Apartment Housing, officetel, commercial facility

Located in the center of the central commerce, the Beomo 1st Street located in the north and south border of Suseong-gu and Dong-gu in Daegu has high income and academic level, so the expected demand for high-end housing is high; on the other hand, the potential value of commercial facilities is abundant because of the lack of trendy complex commercial facilities.


SIGNATURE ONE _Don’t compete, monopolize!


Strategy 1. Maximum profit_residential ratio 8:2 / premium residence environment / floor area ratio 794%

Discovering a ratio of 8:2 that can generate maximum sales revenue through a thorough analysis of revenue, and securing the maximum business profit by offering an incentive on the floor rate through donations.


Strategy 2. Best Product_ Luxurious residence/ high-end community/garden terrace house

This is designed as a premium residential space by providing a high-end community on the lower and upper floors to enhance the differentiation of large flat products as a target of high-level flat areas that were previously not available in Daegu City.


Strategy3. First Differentiation_ Indoor Mall/Botanic Cube/Living store

This has an indoor Mall with a green theme that can stay rather than a simple Plaza-type shopping mall, creating a rich commercial environment as a pleasant botanic garden space, securing the best store price premium with a commercial type setting that fits the location characteristics



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