[Winner] Site Development Project of Yoido Eusu Holdings Building


<Architecture Overview>

Location : 25-11 Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul

Client : MDM+

Site Area : 5,541.00㎡

Total Floor Area : 78,933.74㎡

Number of rooms : 864 rooms

Purpose : Accommodation and neighborhood living facilities


『 FIDELIO 25 』

Securing floor area ratio and maximum height, and maximizing the value of land through new land use plans

Maximize the value of goods through market analysis and development strategies specialized in living accommodation

Overcoming commercial facility risks with differentiation and activation concentration factors


How to increase the value of land

– Maximum floor space ratio and highest height through public notice and eco-friendly application

– Strategic deployment of open notices increases face-to-face length and increases in supply

– Optimal placement considering the commercial feasibility of surrounding buildings, such as height status, view, and sunshine analysis


How to increase the value of a product

– Small and medium-sized second homes and premium lifestyle amenity with Young & Rich targets preferred near workplaces

– Increase the actual area of use of “increase number of bay + balcony” and specialize in production with target optimization terrace planning

– Gain maximum profitability with cross-sectional zoning appropriate for current status and development strategies


How to overcome risk

– Strategies for increasing commercial facilities face to face and raising supply by securing a good deal

– Create a ‘hot place’ where people gather to activate and attract audiences

– Increase accessibility by connecting 3rd basement level (Yeouido Station) to 1st ground level