[Winner] Chungnam Art Museum



Architects : DA group in collaboration with UNstudio

Digital content and exhibition design : Squint Opera

Landscape design : Loos van vliet

Community content : UNsense

Visualisations : Bloomimages

Animations : Morean


DA group and UNstudio were selected as the winners of the competition for the chungnam art museum in south korea. the project breaks away from the traditional art museums while serving as a fully captivating hub for arts and culture. it intends to become a place that continuously grows and develops, a station of inspiration and participation, as well as one of the first zero-energy museums in korea.

Apart from DA group and UNstudio, the winning consortium also includes squint/opera (digital content and exhibition design), loos van vliet (landscape design), and UNsense (community content). the project will invite people to communicate, providing them with vibrant spaces where art and technology harmoniously coexist, maximizing visitors’ interactions. the architects sought to generate a vibrant performing center that opens up a new vision for the future of the community.



Article referrence : christina petridou / designboom