The e-Brochure has captured the capabilities of DA Group to create the best value for its customers. You’ll also be able to look at projects that have attempted to create new values and challenge change with youthful senses, even in a rapidly changing external environment.

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Consent for collection and use of personal information

Under the relevant laws and regulations on [Personal Information Protection Act], DA Group Urban Design & Architecture Co., Ltd. is receiving consent for collecting and using/using personal information.

  1. Purpose of collection and use of personal information
    The collection of personal information is collected for the following purposes.(It is not used for any other purpose.)
    – Customer management for continuous service
    – Analysis of visiting customers for new businesses
  2. Item copy of collected personal information
    ‘DA Group Urban Design & Architecture Co., Ltd.’ collects the following minimum personal information to continue providing our information.
    – Collected items: Name, Mail, Organization
  3. Period of personal information retention and use
    The stored personal information is kept for a certain period of time, and shall be kept or deleted after a certain period of time under agreement.
    – Retention period : 1 year

※ This is not used for any purposes other than those agreed by the personal information provider; if you want to refuse to use the personal information provided, you can request the personal information manager to read, correct or delete it.