Career Development

DA Group operates various programs such as life cycle job training for all of its executives and employees to be competitive and be able to design the future.
The monthly seminars will allow you to take a short break from your work and communicate with a broader topic, and support the development of career experiences for the future of employees such as BIM education and training of construction engineers.

Sandwich Seminar

We invite internal and external lecturers twice a month to take a break from work and communicate with them on a broader topic, and hold seminars on a variety of topics as well as in architecture.

BIM Training

The basic BIM education for executives and employees aims to expand the company’s business through a mandatory use of BIM in the future. Through this long and continuous phase-in process, we wish to foster professionals and become more technically advanced.

Life Cycle Job Training

This breaks down job competencies such as basic, leadership, planning, communication, and collaboration skills according to their experience in life cycle job training and basic training for new employees, and enables them to design the future by developing the organization’s performance improvement and value realization and personal skills.

Promotion Training by position

This provides a direction for the promoted person to achieve their roles in the new position and become someone who can contribute the organization’s mission and vision.