[Winner] Gimpo Hangang Self-sustained Site Development Plan

<Architecture Overview>

Location – 1251-1, Unyang-dong, Gimpo, Gyeonggido
Client – Inchang Development
Site Area – 59,739.00㎡
Total Floor Area – 399,731.88㎡(ground floor 162.047.81 ㎡)
Size – 6 basement floors, 5 ground floors
Purpose – Business facilities, research facilities, culture and assembly facilities


A Brand New York Campus, which offers new value through the combination of work, culture, commerce and rest in Gimpo Han-river New Town

a work facility with differentiated design, view, and commercial premium, which is designed to create a hot spot in Gimpo, which anyone would like to visit through the design of New York’s sensibility.

  • A strategy that leverages the concept of Green Moat, which maximizes site utilization under limited conditions, implementing a design that creates commodity quality and new value.
  • With its unique Big Wave design, this has created an original landmark representing the Gimpo Han-river New Town.
  • This presents the Newyork Campus, which combines New York’s sensibility, space, three-dimensional structure, object, and Central Park, to increase the capacity and awareness of the city.


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