Managing Director|Strategic Design LAB.

Jae Man Rho

Educational Backgroud

  • 2008Graduated Master´s degree, Graduate School of Urban Science, University of Seoul
  • 1995Graduated, the Department of Architecture, University of Seoul


  • 2017~DA Group Urban Design & Architecture Co., Ltd.
  • 2016~2017Haenglim Architecture & Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • 1997~2015Samoo Architects & Engineers Co., Ltd.
  • 1995~19970ROK Army, Engineer Officer


  • 2020Full Member, Korean Institute of Architects(KIA)
  • 2014Member of Advisory Committee on the Construction of Olympic Plaza for Pyeongchang Winter Olympics
  • 2012~2013Architecture Consultant on Architecture for Relocation Project of KERIS
  • 2010KDI Preliminary Feasibility Study Committee member

Educational Research

  • 2008‘A study on the Design Approach for the Remodeling of Modern Architecture Based on Conservation Concept’
    – Graduate School of Urban Science, University of Seoul, Paper of Masters Degree
  • 2008‘Cultural implications of completing the National Archives’
    – Contributed Essay, Quarterly magazine of National Archives of Korea

Working experience

(Architecture Project)

  • 2020Yangju Okjeong-Dong, Block-Type Detached Housing Complex
  • 2019Anseong, Baudeogi Complex Service Station
  • 2018Korea Job World, Skills Experience Center
  • 2017KBS, Archives Remodeling & Day Care Center
  • Hoengseong Dream Mountain Resort Development Project
  • 2016HIRA, Headquarter 2nd Office
  • NTS, Daejeon Regional Ofiice
  • 2015Samsung Semiconductor, Pyeongtaek Campus Office
  • 2014Pyeongcjang Winter Olympic Gangneung Hockey Centre
  • Pyeongcjang Winter Olympic Gangneung Speed Skating Oval
  • 2012Busan, Haeundae Resort (LCT) Development Project
  • 2011Seoul Art Center, Towol Theatre Remodeling
  • KERIS, HQ Relocation Project
  • 2010NPS HQ Relocation Project
  • Joonggye-Dong, SeMA, Buk-Seoul Museum of Art
  • 2009The Suites Hotel Namwon
  • Inceon Asian Games Gyeyang Gymnasium & Namdong Sports Compex
  • 2008Ulgi-Ro, Hana Bank HQ
  • 2006Sinmun-Ro, Kumho Asiana Group HQ
  • 2005Myeong-Dong National Theatre Restoration Project
  • 2004National Archives of Korea, Seoul Repository
  • 2003MOFA, Diplomatic Archives
  • 2002Jeonju, Resource Recovery Facility
  • 2001Yongin Glenross CC Clubhouse
  • Sanggye-Dong, Clinic Building
  • 2000Busan Dongnae, Hotel Nongshim
  • Busan, NPS Busan Tower
  • 1998Seoul Museum of Art
  • 1997Daegu Opera House

(Research & Master Plan)

  • 2018Pyeongtaek Performing Art Center Master Plan
  • 2016KBS Future Broadcasting Center Master Plan
  • 2013Pyeongcjang Winter Olympic Gangneung Sports Complex Master Plan
  • 2013Feasibility Study, Honam National Institute of Biological Resources
  • 2010Feasibility Study, National Museum of Korean Contemporary History
  • SITT Development Project Master Plan
  • 2007Inceon International Airport IBC-1 Phase-2 Master Plan
  • 2003Tongyeong Performing Art Center (Yun I-sang Music Hall) Master Plan