Jung Min Choi

Educational Backgroud

  • 1998.03~2012.08Doctor of Engineering, Department of Architectural Engineering, The University of Seoul Graduate School
  • 1991.03~1994.08Master of Engineering, Department of Architectural Engineering, The University of Seoul Graduate School of Urban Science
  • 1980.03~1987.02Bachelor’s degree, Architectural Engineering in The University of Seoul
  • 1977.03~1980.02Seodaejeon High School


  • 2018.03~2020.02Adjunct Professor, LH University
  • 2018.01~2019.12AMC Branch Manager, KLHC
  • 2016.01~2017.12Public Housing Planning Division Manager at KLHC
  • 2015.08~2016.01Public Housing Business Division Manager at KLHC
  • 2014.01~2015.08KLHC Happy Housing Business Division
  • 1992.01~1992.03Development of Standard Design Charts and Technical Training for Technical Service of PC Housing in Denmark
  • 1988.01Worked in KNHC(Present, KLHC(LH))


  • 2018.08~2020.08Technical Adviser, Public Procurement Service Technical Committee
  • 2012.01~2015.12Special Design Review Committee(Level 2,3,4), MOLIT Central Construction Technology Deliberation Committee
  • 2011.06~2016.12Technical Assessment Committee at KLHC
  • 2000.02~Full member and consecutive Director, Architectural Institute of Korea (‘17.5~’19.4)
  • 2000.03~Full member, Urban Design Institute of Korea
  • 2008.05~Full member, Korean Housing Association
  • 2008.05~Full member, Korea Institute of Rural Architecture


  • 2020.01Housing Welfare Professional(KHA)
  • 2018.11Completed Preliminary Education Course for Real Estate Development Specialists(KLHC)
  • 2018.10Completed Asset Management Specialist Education(KAREIT)
  • 1995.12Architect(MOLIT)


  • 2014.12Commendation from minister, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport(contributed to the development of national transport services)
  • 2009.07Commendation from minister, Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs(Contribute to the development of land, transport and maritime affairs)
  • 1999.07Commendation from minister, Ministry of Construction & Transportation(‘99 Anniversary Regular Award)

Working experience

  • 1988.01Since working in KNHC(Presently KLHC, LH)
  • – Experience in various tasks, such as supporting housing policies, establishing/ managing technology and housing standards, building/design, housing business planning/ plan/design and new housing development/ design, precast concrete(PC) design/order, urban maintenance/renewal and development, supervision/management of construction sites, Real Estate Investment Trusts(REITs) and management of organization personnel, etc.
  • – Participation in various projects such as public apartment projects in Permanent Rental, National Rental, Happy Housing, Public Rental, Public Sale, urban redevelopment projects, residential environment improvement projects, urban/housing redevelopment and reconstruction projects, design-in-process bidding projects, and private-sector joint housing construction projects, village maintenance public apartment project, small and medium-sized enterprises support housing projects, public housing projects for farming and rural areas, public apartment projects tailored to local needs, private participation construction projects, public rental REIT, etc.