Jung Min Choi

Educational Backgroud

  • 1998.03~2012.08 Doctor of Engineering, Department of Architectural Engineering, The University of Seoul Graduate School
  • 1991.03~1994.08 Master of Engineering, Department of Architectural Engineering, The University of Seoul Graduate School of Urban Science
  • 1980.03~1987.02 Bachelor’s degree, Architectural Engineering at The University of Seoul
  • 1977.03~1980.02 Seodaejeon High School


  • 2018.03~2020.02 Adjunct Professor, LH University
  • 2018.01~2019.12 AMC Branch Manager, KLHC
  • 2016.01~2017.12 Public Housing Planning Division Manager at KLHC
  • 2015.08~2016.01 Public Housing Business Division Manager at KLHC
  • 2014.01~2015.08 KLHC Happy Housing Business Division
  • 1992.01~1992.03 Development of Standard Design Charts and Technical Training for Technical Service of PC Housing in Denmark
  • 1988.01 Worked in KNHC (Korea National Housing Corporation) [Present, KLHC (Korea Land & Housing Corporation), LH]


  • 2018.08~2020.08 Technical Adviser, Public Procurement Service Technical Committee
  • 2012.01~2015.12 Special Design Review Committee(Level 2,3,4), MOLIT Central Construction Technology Deliberation Committee
  • 2011.06~2016.12 Technical Assessment Committee at KLHC
  • 2000.02~ Full member and consecutive Director, Architectural Institute of Korea (‘17.5~’19.4)
  • 2000.03~ Full member, Urban Design Institute of Korea
  • 2008.05~ Full member, Korean Housing Association
  • 2008.05~ Full member, Korea Institute of Rural Architecture


  • 2020.01 Housing Welfare Professional(KHA)
  • 2018.11 Completed Preliminary Education Course for Real Estate Development Specialists(KLHC)
  • 2018.10 Completed Asset Management Specialist Education(KAREIT)
  • 1995.12 Architect(MOLIT)


  • 2014.12Commendation from Minister, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (contributed to the development of national transport services)
  • 2009.07 Commendation from Minister, Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs(Contribute to the development of land, transport and maritime affairs)
  • 1999.07 Commendation from Minister, Ministry of Construction & Transportation(‘99 Anniversary Regular Award)

Working experience

  • 1988.01 Since working in KNHC(Presently KLHC, LH)
  • – Experience in various tasks, such as supporting housing policies, establishing/managing technology and housing standards, building/design, housing business planning/map out/design and new housing development/design, precast concrete(PC) design/order, urban maintenance/renewal and development, supervision/management of construction sites, Real Estate Investment Trusts(REITs) and management of organization personnel, etc.
  • – Participation in various projects such as Public Apartment projects in Permanent Rental, National Rental, Happy Housing, Public Rental, Public Sale, Urban Redevelopment projects, residential environment improvement projects, urban/housing redevelopment and reconstruction projects, design-in-process bidding projects, and private-sector joint housing construction projects, village maintenance public apartment project, small and medium-sized businesses support housing projects, public housing projects for people return to farming and rural areas, public apartment projects tailored to local needs, private participation construction projects, public rental REIT, etc.