Vice-President|Urban Design DEPT.

Sang Seob Park

Educational Backgroud

  • 2018.6 ~ 2019.2 Advanced Program for Urban and Environmental Studies, Seoul National University Graduate School of Environmental Studies
  • 1990.3 ~ 1992.2 Department of Landscape Architecture, Seoul National University Graduate School of Environmental Studies
  • 1985.3 ~ 1989.2 Department of Architectural Engineering, Seongkyunkwan University College of Engineering


  • 2004 ~ Now Vice President, DA Group Urban Design & Architecture Co., Ltd.
  • 1996.6 ~ 2004.5 Director, Haud Architects, Planners&Engineers


  • Now Director, Korea Urban Regeneration Association
  • Now Full member, Urban Design Institute of Korea
  • 2015 ~ Now Seongbuk-gu Urban Plan and Urban Construction Committee Member
  • 2009Siheung Bank Reorganization Promotion District MP

Educational Research

  • 2016Urban Design of Korea(Collaboration)
  • 2006A Study on the Use of Urban Design for Housing Planning(Architectural Institute of Korea Journal)

Working experience

  • 2019Urban readjustment project utilization and policy proposal(LH)
  • 2019 Study on the Development of a Strategy and Business Model for Urban Renewal Project in Seoul(LH)
  • 2019 Study on the public contribution plan through the Yongsan area development project in Yongsan Park and other industrial sites(LH)
  • 2019 Basic plan to manage areas around Yongsan Park(Seoul City)
  • 2019 Establish a 3D urban design for important areas(Seoul City)
  • 2019 Incheon Samsan Urban Development Project(Eleven D&C)
  • 2019 Yongsan District Unit Plan(Yongsan-gu)
  • 2019 Sewoon Redevelopment Plan and Reconstruction Plan(Seoul City)
  • 2018 Yeouido/Yeongdeungpo Urban Management Plan(Seoul City)
  • 2018 Seoul Southwest Neighborhood Basic Plan(Seoul City)
  • 2018 Revision of basic plan and establishment guidelines for district unit plan management(Seoul City)
  • 2018 Establishment of the Yongsan Maintenance Window Development Guideline(Seoul City)
  • 2017 District unit plan for Yeouido apartments(Seoul City)