President|Planning Division

Won Jun Cho

Educational Backgroud

  • 2003 Completed Advanced Program, Urban and Environmental Studies, Seoul National University Graduate School of Environmental Studies
  • 1991 Graduated Master´s degree, Seoul National University Graduate School of Environmental Studies
  • 1988 Graduated, the Department of Architecture, College of Engineering, Seoul National University


  • 2001 ~ President, DA Group Urban Design & Architecture Co., Ltd.
  • 1995 ~ 2001 Deputy Director, Jeonin CM Co., Ltd.
  • 1991 ~ 1994 Worked at Dang Architects Co., Ltd.
  • 1990 ~ 1991 Worked at Environmental Planning Institute, Seoul National University


  • 2009 Adjunct Professor, Department of Architecture, Chungbuk University
  • 1997 Acquired License for Architect
    Full Member, Korea Institute of Registered Architects(KIRA)
    Full Member, Korean Institute of Architects(KIA)
    Full Member, Urban Design Institute of Korea(UDIK)
    MA Adviser, Seoul New Town Project

Working experience

(Architecture Plans and Design)

  • 2009 Gwangju Taejeon-dong Apartment Housing
  • 2004 Jinhae Seok-dong district Apartment Housing
  • 2003 Sinsa-dong Neighborhood Living Facility
    Gangdong 6,10 Apartment Complex
    Incheon Jakjeon-dong Office Building
    Uijeongbu Nogyang district A-1, A-2BL Apartment Housing
    Jangji District 8,9 Apartment Complex
    Woolim Lumiart in Baran, Hwaseong
  • 2002 Busan Centum City Residential Complex
    Yangrim District, Gwangju
    Changwon Bansong KNHC Apartment Reconstruction Master Plan (Winner)
  • 2001 Foreigners’ Villa in Hannam-dong
  • 2000 Keunmyung Girls’ Middle & High School
    Suil High School Design (Winner)
  • 1999 Seongbuk-dong Seniors Welfare Center Design (Excellence Award)
    Sinsa-dong Cultural Center Design (Excellence Award)
    Bundang Yatap High School Design (Winner)
  • 1998 Gangbuk-gu Seniors Complex Welfare Center Design (Winner)
    Koosan Tower Design (Main Prize in ’99 Korea Architecture Award)
  • 1996 Yongdeungpo Sinwon Complex Building Design
  • 1995 Bundang Dongseo Villa Design (Main Prize in ’97 Korea Architecture Award)
  • 1994 Suwon Daewon Building Design
  • 1993 Daechi-dong Saman Building Design
    Sanbon Urban Cultural Center Design (Winner)

(Master Plan)

  • 2003 Incheon National University Site Transfer Master Plan
    Master Plan of Xin’anjiang Shanshui, Huangdao, Qingdao, China
    Master Plan and Design of Qingdao Langya area, China
  • 2002 Hwaseong Dongtan Model Complex Master Plan Design
    Uijeongbu Nogyang District B,A Design
    Yongin Bora District Master Plan Design
    Seongbuk Zone 1 Redevelopment Apartment Master Plan
    Sacheon Jinsa District 2 Master Plan
  • 2001 Sangam District Master Plan (Winner)
    Ikseon District Urban Redevelopment Master Plan
  • 1994 Yangji Pine Resort Master Plan
    A&C Kolon Broadcasting Company Master Plan
  • 1992 Gadeok-do New Port Development Master Plan
  • 1990 POSTECH Location Planning for Particle Accelerator
    POSTECH Radiometer site Master Plan
  • 1989 Gwangyang Steel Mill Residential Complex
    POSCO New Residential Complex Master Plan
    POSCO Residential Complex Master Plan

(District Unit Plan)

  • 2001 Songdo New Town District Unit Plan
  • 1992 POSCO Seoul Center of Information Management Urban Design