[Winner] New Residential Complex Construction for Beomo-dong 1, Daegu

Located in the center of the central commerce, the Beomo 1st Street located in the north and south border of Suseong-gu and Dong-gu in Daegu has high income and academic level, so the expected demand for high-end housing is high; on the other hand, the potential value of commercial facilities is abundant because of the lack of trendy complex commercial facilities.

[Winner] Public Knowledge Industry Center and Construction Dojeon-sook Complex Development Project

A terminal of relationships that changes the work, lifestyle, and even thoughts. The Relational Knowledge Industry Center is an open field where knowledge of various channels is easily accessed and new production is derived through exchange.

[Winner] Seocho-dong Officetel Development Project

‘THE TERRAS’ represents the residential space of high-end lifestyle seekers; it aims to meet diverse lifestyles with differentiated amenities and best service.

Welcome, new recruits of 2020.

The 2020 New Employee Training has been completed. Practical training such from demonstration events to in-house regulations and DA Group culture, architectural design, urban design, general building introduction, practical application, and BIM, with on-site inspection of buildings designed by DA Group, and mentoring orientation for company adaptation were conducted for about 15 days.

[Education] Sandwich Seminar

At the seminar, we looked at third-party projects and DA Group's projects that did not win, and looked back on what was different, what was missing, what we needed to complement, where we needed to go.

First Prize in Pangyo Enterprise Support Hub 2018 Korea Green Building Award

The Enterprise Support Hub, Pangyo 2nd Techno Valley with the concept design and working design by our company, won the first prize at the 2018 Korea Green Building Award Competition.