[Winner] Gimpo Hangang Self-sustained Site Development Plan

A Brand New York Campus, which offers new value through the combination of work, culture, commerce and rest in Gimpo Han-river New Town
2019년 November 11일/by 민정 김

[Winner] Public Knowledge Industry Center and Construction Dojeon-sook Complex Development Project

A terminal of relationships that changes the work, lifestyle, and even thoughts. The Relational Knowledge Industry Center is an open field where knowledge of various channels is easily accessed and new production is derived through exchange.
2019년 November 10일/by 민정 김

[Winner] Seocho-dong Officetel Development Project

‘THE TERRAS’ represents the residential space of high-end lifestyle seekers; it aims to meet diverse lifestyles with differentiated amenities and best service.
2019년 November 9일/by 민정 김

Welcome, new recruits of 2020.

The 2020 New Employee Training has been completed.
Practical training such from demonstration events to in-house regulations and DA Group culture, architectural design, urban design, general building introduction, practical application, and BIM, with on-site inspection of buildings designed by DA Group, and mentoring orientation for company adaptation were conducted for about 15 days.
2019년 November 8일/by 민정 김

[Education] Sandwich Seminar

At the seminar, we looked at third-party projects and DA Group's projects that did not win, and looked back on what was different, what was missing, what we needed to complement, where we needed to go.
2019년 November 8일/by 민정 김

2019 AURG International Symposium on City Planning and Urban Management in Asian Countries

The ‘International Symposium on City Planning and Urban Management in Asian Countries’ hosted by Asian Urban Research Group(AURG) was held for 3 days from 11/1~3 in Chung-Ang University. ‘International Symposium on City Planning and Urban Management in Asian Countries’ is a place to study various issues in Asian cities, and create and share design, policies, and technical discourse on them, and DA Group was invited to present a special session on the last day.
2019년 November 8일/by 민정 김

[Article] Interview-Hyung Joon Shim, Vice President of DA Group “proposes a space to live together.”

This year marks the second time that the government has started a "Korea Public Housing Design Competition" to improve the quality of public housing and improve public awareness. This year's event, in particular, boasted an even bigger status than the first one, co-hosted by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport(MOLIT), Korea Land and Housing Corporation(LH) and Seoul Housing & Communities Corporation(SH). While focusing on the essence of the house, the winning films presented the future of public housing through innovative design and design. We met with the players with their winning works through fierce competition and heard various stories related to the design process.
2019년 November 8일/by 민정 김

[Winner]Suwon Mangpo District A1,A2BL Apartment and Sports Center

망포의 "중심축"이 되는 푸르지오 파크에비뉴 타운. 전세대 맞통풍과 남향 확보 및 리스크 세대 없는 맞춤형 설계로 분양성을 극대화 하고자 하였습니다.
2019년 November 7일/by 민정 김