[Winner] Anseong Baudeogi Complex Resting Facility Development Private Capital Investment

The Sejong-Pocheon Expressway will be a key route used by government officials and businessmen in the Seoul metropolitan area and the Sejong Government Complex. The target area and floor area of the project is the largest in Korea and is 3-5 times larger than other service areas, and has abundant location environment such as the Gosam Lake and the tourist complex in the northwest.
2019년 November 7일/by 민정 김

[당선] 인천 영종 A-28BL 주택개발리츠

인천 영종 A-28BL 주택개발리츠가 당선되었습니다.영종도의 가치와 바다, 교육, 공원을 가진 영종하늘도시의 중심, A-28BL은 새로운 패러다임을 준비하고 있습니다. 생애주기 맞춤형 상품, 이웃과 교류·소통하는 상생 복합 커뮤니티, 심각해지는 환경문제에 대응하는 등 다음세대를 위한 미래형 녹색단지가 될 것입니다.
2019년 November 7일/by 민정 김

[Winner] Hanoi THT B1CC4 Office Development Project Design Competition

This project, planned for the Vietnam Hanoi THT Star Lake City B1CC4 Block, is a Design&Build project built by Daewoo E&C and handed over to buyers.
2019년 July 10일/by 민정 김

[DDL] DA GROUP 2019 digital design CAMP

‘2019 DA GROUP digital design CAMP’ was held for 4 days from July 11 to 14.
BIM programs(Revit, Rhino, grasshopper, Lumion, C#) were learned over three days, based on this, and parametric designs were designed for the entrance of the building's stairwell, then produced and the results announced in each group.
2019년 June 13일/by 민정 김

MOU with DA Group-VIET PHAT Group

On June 25, DA Group and VIET PHAT Group signed an agreement for MOU for smooth mutual cooperation in carrying out the tasks of both organizations.
2019년 April 23일/by 민정 김

MOU between DA Group· Walton Design Institute

DA Group signed an MOU with
Walton Design & Consulting Engineering Co., Ltd, last April 8 to build and develop a partnership that benefits long-term and stable common interests.
As partners, the two companies have promised to provide information, convenience and support to each other's strategic planning and production management activities
2019년 April 22일/by 민정 김

MOU for real estate development and strategic cooperation of finance between DA Group·Korea Asset In Trust Co.

There was a MOU ceremony between DA Group and Korea Asset In Trust Co. for real estate development and strategic cooperation of finance.
Representatives of the two companies and other executives and employees attended the signing ceremony and shared plans for cooperation in real estate development in the future.었습니다.
2019년 April 22일/by 민정 김

[Sandwich Seminar] a technical seminar on building materials and materials

The Sandwich Seminar on May 22 was held as a technical seminar on building materials and materials such as soil construction, rainwater penetration and low flow facilities, hotwell, elevators, etc.
2019년 April 21일/by 민정 김