[Award] Sejong 1-1 Zone L1BL <23rd Good Apartment Overall Grand Prize(President’s Award)>

Sejong City 1-1 Zone L1BL (Goun-dong Sejong Paragon), designed by its headquarters, won the "Livable Apartment" grand prize (Presidential Award) for Maeil Business, which boasts the nation's highest authority in the residential sector. This is all the more meaningful because it is the first complex in 10 years since the housing supply began in Sejong Multi-functional Administrative City.
2019년 April 20일/by 민정 김

[Award] Gwacheon Knowledge Information Town S-3BL <7th Housing & Technology Competition Excellence Award>

In response to the government's policy of expanding zero-energy buildings, this year, we are offering a low-end zero-energy housing model that can be applied to real-life businesses(Gwacheon Knowledge Information Town S-3BL), and won the Excellence Award for ‘Happiness Energy Village Sunflower’ of our headquarters.
2019년 April 20일/by 민정 김

[Winner] Busan Myeongji District Cultural Complex Design Competition

The site of this project is located at the junction of Myeongji District and Nakdong River, planned as a cultural space to accommodate the city and nature under the concept of "center of echo".
2019년 March 21일/by uhr

[Winner] Dongjak Comprehensive Administrative Town (Complex Government Complex) Building Design Competition

This is a simple building that has been shaped by embracing the diversity of cities and compressing everyday life, away from the strict and stereotyped authoritarianism of existing public buildings.
2018년 October 25일/by 편집자

First Prize in Pangyo Enterprise Support Hub 2018 Korea Green Building Award

The Enterprise Support Hub, Pangyo 2nd Techno Valley with the concept design and working design by our company, won the first prize at the 2018 Korea Green Building Award Competition.
2018년 October 2일/by 편집자